Gichin Funakoshi historical video

This is a rare and interesting video about Shotokan Karate and Gichin Funakoshi. Great video for all Karateka.


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Sempai Jesus Brick Break

Short clip of Semapi Jesus destroying a stack of bricks with a knife hand strike. His power is awesome!

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Breaking Bricks with Elbow Strike

Here is a short clip of Sensei Juan and Sensei Cris breaking stacks of concrete bricks with an elbow strike.

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Good video of the first Form

Here is a good Youtube video of the first Tae Kwon Do form. This form is common to many styles including Karate but with different names and minor changes.

The Master does a great job of explaining the form, stances, posture, snap, power, and chambering.

Kicho One

FYI: Form (English) = Poomse (Korean)  = Kata (Japanese)


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5 New Brown Belts!

Congratulations to Isaiah Gutierrez, Alan Juarez, Jesus Juarez, Cris Valenzuela, and Jayden Whitfield on earning their Karate Brown Belt!!! It took many months of preparation and the hard work was worth it. They all killed the test. The judges were very impressed with the students.

Alan, Cris, Isaiah, Jayden, Jesus, Juan, Sensei Cris

5 new Brown Belts: Alan, Cris, Isaiah, Jayden, and Jesus

Fighting Stance: Alan, Cris, Isaiah, Jayden, and Jesus with their new Brown Belts

Fighting Stance

BJJ Pose: Alan, Cris, Isaiah, Jayden, and Jesus with their new Brown Belts

Braziian Jiu Jitsu pose

Wrestler Pose: Alan, Cris, Isaiah, Jayden, and Jesus with their new Brown Belts

Wrestler Pose

Gangsta Pose: Alan, Cris, Isaiah, Jayden, and Jesus with their new Brown Belts

Gangsta Pose

Silly Pose: Alan, Cris, Isaiah, Jayden, and Jesus with their new Brown Belts

Silly Pose

Cris Valenzuela and Jayden Whitfield Celebrate

We did it!!!

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Why do I still teach?

Why do I still teach after 20 years?

At some point we all ask our selves, “Why am I still teaching?” I have guided many students to their black belts, helped them achieve their self-defense goals, and aided their successes at the national level. Neither is the reason.

I have been working with a student affected by certain physical ailments which diminish her coordination and strength. She also has self-esteem issues. She is physically incapable of performing some of the most basic techniques due to her condition. Regardless of her issues I hold her to the same standard as all other students, within reason. She struggled for many weeks to learn her form and earn a Kata patch. Every day after class her father asked if she could perform her poomse to earn the patch. Every day we made corrections to the pattern, stances, hand positions, etc.

Last week she performed her form again and stared at me in suspense as she awaited my response. She performed her form perfectly. I awarded her the patch and her square mouth morphed into a beaming smile. She jumped screaming with joy and pride. She faced her father and in a yelled in a high pitch, “Daddy I got my patch!” That moment is the reason I teach.

She said, “Thank you sensei for giving me the patch”. I made it clear to her she earned the patch through her hard work and determination. I didn’t give her the patch, she earned it. I simply provided the material. She left the gym glowing and walking ten feet tall.

People ask, “When will you stop teaching?” My response, “When my hour of departure arrives.”

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jQuery Error 80020101: A fix

I ran into the annoying Could not complete the operation due to error 80020101 bug today. I clearly am not the only one (Google: Could not complete the operation due to error 80020101). This was an old bug in jQuery that was squashed and apparently is back in jQuery 1.7.2 except it isn’t back.
The original bug was related to HTML comments. This was not the cause in my case. It was a query string variable. The fix is simple, take out the query string from the URL.

Change it from this


to this


EDIT: Alternate Solution

Bruno commented below he this fix was not applicable in his situation. In his case, he needs the querystring. To that end, here is a way to eliminate the issue with a little bit of JavaScript.

You can leave the query string intact and remove it from the webservice URL before making the webservice call with a little bit of javascript. Before calling the webservice, use the following JavaScript to clean the URL and prevent the error

var url = window.location.href.replace(, '');

No more Could not complete the operation due to error 80020101


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